Tested Configurations for OpenSSL 3.0

The OpenSSL Project’s FIPS 140-2 validation report for the OpenSSL FIPS Provider was submitted to the CMVP on September 17, 2021. The OpenSSL FIPS Provider cryptographic module is part of OpenSSL 3.0.0. (See this link for the “Unofficial” schedule.)

The following Tested Configurations are expected to be listed on the initial FIPS 140-2 certificate for the OpenSSL FIPS Provider:

Operating SystemVMCPU
Custom Ubuntu Linux 18.04Intel Xeon D1541
Debian 10Intel Xeon Silver 4116
FreeBSD stable/13Intel Xeon Broadwell E5-2695v4
Oracle Solaris 11.4Oracle SPARC M8-1
PhotonOS 4.0ESXi 7.0Intel Xeon Gold 6230R
Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 ServerIntel i7
Windows 10Intel i7
Windows Server 2019ESXi 7.0Intel Xeon Gold 6230R

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